December 4, 2016

Pink Gellac Disco Glam Collection | Swatch & Review

Hey guys! I am back with another new Pink Gellac collection. Today I will be showing you my swatches of their new Disco Glam Collection. The Disco Glam Collections consists 5 five brand new, unique shades perfect for the holidays or for pairing up with your other Pink Gellac polishes. The collections holds 2 glitter toppers, 1 frost, 1shimmer and one frosty glitter. I got some close-ups to to show you, so make sure to keep reading. <3

204 Diamond Silver - Diamond Silver is a silver holographic glitter topper. Yes! It is really holographic. I am so excited Pink Gellac came out with a holo glitter. It can spice up any colour, you can layer it up or you can create a gradient with it. Super versatile and it always comes in handy. Application-wise, there was minimal dragging. The glitter is fine enough to spread out easily over the nail. This is 2 coats.

205 Burgundy Red - Burgundy Red is a burgundy frost. I have been wearing this colour in combination with a Bedazzled Purple gradient for 2 weeks straight now and I am still in love with it. Burgundy Red is classy, wearable, super pigmented and easy to work with. Pretty much all I am looking for in a nice winter shade. The formula is perfection, very pigmented, super easy application. This is 2 thin, easy coats.

206 Bedazzled Purple - Bedazzled Purple is a multicolour glitter topper with purple, gold and orange glitter. Like I said, Bedazzled Purple + Burgundy Red = life. They are literally made for each other. I haven't tried this glitter over any other colours, but I am sure it will look great over an array of colours. There was a bit of dragging with this one, as the glitter pieces are slighty larger than in Diamond Silver. When you apply it over another colour, I find it easier to work with. This is 2 coats.

207 Funky Teal - Funky Teal is a teal crème base with irredescent and blue shimmer. I usually love this kind of colours, but I am not a big fan of them in winter. This is more of a Summer colours for me. However, it pairs up beautifully with Diamond Silver and Glorious Gold. The formula was just like Burgundy Red: perfect. This is 2 thin, easy coats.

208 Glorious Gold - Glorious Gold is a yellow gold glitter. Again, I am not a big fan of yellow golds. I would use it as an accent over any other colour. It does have a high Christmas and NYE potential! It has a good consistency, it applied very smoothly and there is no draggin whatsoever. This is 3 coats.

What shade is your favourite?

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  1. So glad to have found your blog and can't wait to read your other gel swatch/reviews! I actually prefer yellow golds and seeing your swatch of Glorious Gold was very helpful. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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