November 13, 2016

Bundle Monster Bright Stamping using Essentials: Brights | Nail Art & Review

Hey guys! Outside it is dark, cold and gloomy, however that does not mean that my nails have to be, right? To brighten up your day, I bring you a super fun -and bright- gradient stamping nail art using the reformulated Bundle Monster 2nd Generation Creative Nail Art Stamping Polishes. I received the Essentials: Brights and Essentials: Primary set. For today's stamping manicure I used 3 colours from the Bundle Monster Essentials: Brights set. Keep reading for more pictures and a review of the stamping polishes! <3

I started out with a nude base, I used Pink Gellac Ivory Blush. I let it cure and removed the sticky layer to stamp. I picked an image from the Hangloose stamping plate collection and choose 3 colours from the Bundle Monster Essentials: Brights set: Sunrise, Orange Burst and Hottie Tottie. Using the Glass Stamper it stamped beautiful and even onto my nail.

A while ago, Bundle Monster came out with their reformulated basic stamping polish sets. They claim to be vibrant and more pigmented in comparison with the previous version. As I do not have the older sets, I cannot compare the two. But I will show you swatches over white and black and you decide for yourself!

From left to right: Violet Waves - Summer Cruise - Lilypad - Sunrise - Orange Burst - Hottie Tottie
Violet Waves: a blue purple. In my photo it looks rather blue, but it has a hint of purple. It does not show up over black. Which is normal. :-D
Summer Cruise: a teal-ish blue. Shows up great over white and black!
Lilypad: a darker grass green. Again, shows up beautifully.
Sunrise: a yellow. It shows up over black, just not as bright.
Orange Burst: a bright orange. It shows up over black, but it looks like more of a brown shade.
Hottie Tottie: a bright hot pink. It does show up over black, but not as bright as over a white base.

The colours from the Essentials: Brights stamping polish set are -indeed- very pigmented. But even though some colours show up over black, they are just not pigmented enough to show the true, bright colour. Summer Cruise and Lilypad show up wonderfully over white and black. I think this set is a great starter set for anyone who is getting into stamping. It gives you a variety of colours and when you get the Essentials: Primary set too, you are basically good to go for a whole array of nail arts!

The 2nd Generation Creative Nail Art Stamping Polishes - Essentials: Brights set is available on the Bundle Monster website, sells for $18,99 and consists of 6 bright stmaping polishes.

Bundle Monster: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


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