My name is Natasja. A 24-year-old living in teeny tiny Belgium. I am blessed with a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister and two sweet dogs. After graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Event and Project Management I decided I wanted to study communications. So I took the plunge and enrolled in a Master Multilingual Business Communication at the University of Antwerp. Now, I work as a Communication Officer at the largest health insurance fund in Belgium. Besides nails and blogging, I love design, writing and anything social media and digital related.

My love for nails and nail polish has been with me ever since I was born. However, it truly blew out of proportions more than five years ago. It was almost Christmas. Me and my mom went to a nailtechnician for a manicure. And OMG the girl added stripes on my ring finger! Stripes! On one finger! OMG! I managed to keep on the nail polish for more than ten days. I decided to try it out for myself and put everything on a Tumblr blog.

From that moment on, I am truly, madly, deeply in love with all things nail related. I create the nail art, take and edit the pictures, made my own website, write my own posts and keep up with all my social media accounts.

Then, November 2014 came around and I was really getting into gel polish. I ordered some Gelish bottles online and hit myself up with a good LED light. Gel polish. Ah, what a magical world. There are so many possibilities and I love how I discover new things each and every day.

Love Life Lacquer is the first Belgian beauty blog with a focus on gel polish. I strive to provide honest reviews and clear swatches to help my readers decide what brand will suit their specific needs. I create nail art using easy techniques and tools. That way anyone, from beginner to pro, can benefit from reading my blog.

Any questions regarding my blog, nail art techniques or brands? Shoot!


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