October 16, 2016

Glitter Drip | Nail Art

Hey guys! I am back with some nail art, yessss. Today I will be showing you this glittery, girly dripping nail art. You can pair it up with your Halloween outfit if you are going as a unicorn or mermaid or as a princess :-). I also created a darker, more Halloween-y sister, but that one will go up in a few days, stay tuned! For now, let's take a closer look at this gorgeous, shimmering, dripping nail art, shall we?! <3

I just cannot get over how shimmery and reflective it is. I love love it so much. I love the colour combo, the glitter, the colour of the gel polish. Everything! Yay!

I used Pink Gellac Bordeaux as a base. After applying 2 coats it was completely opaque and I removed the sticky layer. I continued with drawing the drips using Pink Gellac Baby Pink. I did the first layer and went over it one more time, just to be sure. Now the exciting part! I picked Millie by Magpie Beauty and patted it into the sticky layer of Baby Pink. Next I dusted of the excess, top coat and voila! Beautiful, sparkling drips!

Ahhh, I do not know why I waited this long to do glitter drip nail art! It is so easy and so much fun to do because it always looks nice. Will you be rocking this girly nail art on Halloween? Or are you looking forward to the spookier version? *wink wink*


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