October 12, 2016

Pink Gellac Reminiscence Collection | Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Two weeks ago, Pink Gellac released their newest Fall collection: the Reminiscence Collection. This collection has 5 daring colours inspired by the trend colours of the biggest fashion brands. Pink Gellac also states that it are 5 must-haves for this season! Soo, are you ready for some very Fall-appropriate colours? Then keep reading!

Pink Gellac Luscious Red swatch

199 Luscious Red - Luscious Red is a dark, rich, sultry red crème. The formula is very pigmented and smooth, so I only needed 2 coats for it to be completely opaque. I must say: it is a sexy sexy shade. It looks good on so many skintones and it is simply a must-have for the holidays. Thank me later.

Pink Gellac Luscious Red swatch

Pink Gellac Burnt Amber swatch

200 Burnt Amber - Burnt Amber is a slightly dusty, orange crème. I am not all that for orange shades. This might be a 'burnt' orange or terracotta colour, to me it is still orange. I think that if it was just a tiny bit darker or dustier, I would love it. It has a thin, but very smooth formula. This is 2 coats.

201 Black Velvet - Black Velvet is dark base filled with a blue/purple shimmer. When I applied it it shrunk a bit at my tips. So you have to work pretty quickly to get it right. However, Black Velvet is totally worth it. It is a gorgeous colour and if I could, I would wear it for 6 months straight. This is 3 coats.

Pink Gellac Black Velvet swatch

Pink Gellac Warm Marsala swatch

202 Warm Marsala - Warm Marsala is a warm pink-brown base with a brilliant gold/orange shimmer. This is my favourite from the collection. And this is the reason why I cannot wear Black Velvet everyday, because Warm Marsala is on my nails. Besides the gorgeous colour, it also has a glorious formula. Pigmented, rich, easy to work with. 2 coats BAM.

Pink Gellac Warm Marsala swatch

Pink Gellac Chocolate Brown swatch

203 Chocolate Brown - Chocolate Brown is - indeed - a rich chocolate brown crème. Just like Black Velvet, I experienced some shrinking with this one. And colour-wise.. mehh. I am not that into classic brown shades, but I have to say that it looks good on other people. This is 3 coats, you might get away with 2.

Pink Gellac Chocolate Brown swatch

And that is it! What is your favourite shade from this collection? Pink Gellac is available here (NL), here (UK) and here (US).

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