October 23, 2016

Bloody Drips | Nail Art

Hey guys! Remember the glitter drip nail art I posted last week? Well, I am back with a bloody version. It is a nice, classy alternative for all those gore-themed nail arts out there. A perfect nail art for Halloween if you want to keep it rather subtle ;-). If you want to know how I achieved this look, then please keep reading! <3

Blood dripping nail art

Blood dripping nail art

I started by using Pink Gellac Beautiful Black as my base. Then I continued by sprinkling some Magpie Beauty glitter in Blossom and topcoated it. After that I painted on the blood with Pink Gellac Luscious Red and a nail art brush. Top coat and cure and you have yourself some Halloween-appropriate classy nails.

Blood dripping nail art

And there you have it! You can pair this nail art with pretty much any Halloween costume. Or you could wear it to a Halloween-themed dinner party or something fancy like that, too. You can switch up the background to create some more contrast, or add some more glitter. The possibilities = endless.


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