February 17, 2016

Nailbox January Edition | Review & Nail Art


Hi guys! I guess I might as well call it nail polish week, because YES again nail polish today! Today I will be reviewing my first ever Nailbox. The people behind Nailbox were kind enough to sent me their January edition for review. I was so excited, because I really did not know what to expect. 

When the box arrived, I immediately dived in and discovered four polishes, wraps and (!!!) a fortune cookie. So much first-timers in this box, haha. My first large Morgan Taylor polish, my first Nails Inc, first Color Club and Nail Essentials and my first ever fortune cookie! The fortune cookie probably was the highlight of my day, haha. 

I must say, not all Nailboxes are the same. Yes, there is a new box every month, but the colours of each box in the same month might differ. I received Morgan Taylor If The Slipper Fits from last year's Cinderella collection but you could also receive Party At The Palace. Then for the Nails Inc one I got Old Bond Street but you might receive Hyde Park Place. For the Colour Club polish I was sent Polar Vortex but I have seen some other pretty ones too. I do not know what the name of the Nail Essentials nail polish is, but I do know that it also differs! 

Alright, I think I rambled enough. Let's move on to some pictures, huh? <3

Nailbox nail art
Nailbox nail art

I decided to created some nail arts with the Nailbox polishes. That way you can see what the possibilities are, even though they are endless, really. So, I started out with 2 easy coats of Nails Inc Old Bond Street. Great formula, great pigmentation, happy camper. Then I added an Art Deco-y pattern to all of my nails using a nail art brush and the Nail Essentials polish. The Nail Essential polish is a cheecky one. It does not look like much in the bottle but it is a freaking duochrome, ho shit! It gives a lovely effect over the deep purple and it looks great over black, too. 

Nailbox nail art

Nailbox nail art
Nailbox nail art

For the next nail art -well, nail art.. It is a glitter gradient, that is it..- I started out with 2 coats of Color Club Polar Vortex. This one is a bit tricky. It has a frosty finish, so it might streak if you do not apply it carefully. Guess what I did.. I am used to using gel polish now and it is HARD to work quickly!! Forgiveness, please. Alright, moving on. For the glitter gradient, I used Morgan Taylor If The Slipper Fits and wiped the brush so that there is no excess polish on it. I started at my cuticle and slowly worked my way up. Repeated this step, added top coat, BAM done. Easy peasy sneasy. 

Nailbox nail art

I did not use the nail wraps just yet, because I was not sure what to do with them. You know, sun is out, I am not into snowflakes anymore at this point. But who knows, maybe for some ironic nail art in Summer? Hah. 

My first impression of the Nailbox is a positive one. You get a good variety of colours and you can design a ton of looks with them. I love how well my colours went together, match made in heaven; check. The Nailbox sells for €19,49 and it is only available for Dutchies and Belgies (??? :D), for now! If you like the Nailbox, you can buy a 3-month subscription for €63,17 (NL) or €72,50 (BE) and if you REALLY like the Nailbox, a 6-month suscription might be just what you need! This one sells for €123,00 (NL) or €143,44 (BE). This might seem like a lot of money, but you get a reasonable amount of items each month delivered to your doorstep. It is like a gift from you to you ;-). Surprise! <3

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  1. Your mani you did of the gray metallic base and glitter is gorgeous!


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