February 16, 2016

Bundle Monster Long Triangle Vinyls | Review

Bundle Monster nail vinyls nail art

Hey guys! What, more regular nail polish? Yes! A while ago, Bundle Monster sent me some triangle nail vinyls and I have to admit, I need to practice a bit with using them in combination with gel polish. The thing with nail vinyls and gel polish is, you really have to remove the vinyls before curing them. Otherwise the vinyl will just stick to the gel polish and it will stay there. Forever. Well not forever, but you get the picture. And because you have to remove them, the gel polish will start flooding a little bit. That super crisp line? GONE, forever gone. So, I decide to go for nail polish. So awkward, though. If you are used to gel polish, I tell you, it is hard to wait for the nail polish to dry. But it worked out, yay! So make sure to hit the jump to get a close up and some details ;-). <3

Bundle Monster nail vinyls nail art

I started out with one coat of Catrice London Town at Sundown, a gorgeous, deep red-ish copper. Gorgeous, gahhhh. And it is super pigmented, win! Then I waited for it to dry completely (more or less, ha), but that did not took too long because I just painted on one coat. I carefully stuck the vinyls to my nails and made sure they adhered well at the cuticle area, so no polish would flood under it. When the vinyls were all nice and flat on my nails, I painted on a coat of Yves Roger Aubergine Profond and quickly but carefully removed the vinyls. Tada! Success! Hooray! Perfectly crisp lines. I added a quick dry top coat and done. 

Bundle Monster nail vinyls nail art

There you have it, my first experience with nail vinlys in combination with regular nail polish. I will probably report back on it when I have succesfully used the vinyls with gel polish. I cannot be that hard, right? Just have to find a good pigmented one, that will work. Oh, and I want to try some stamping as well. Ah, so many ideas. 

In case you were wondering, yes, using nail vinyls is as quick and easy as I just described it. You only have to make sure to stick them on your nails really carefully. Otherwise nail polish will get under the vinyl and then there is really no point in using vinyls, right? 

Bundle Monster sells a variety of nail vinyls, besides a lot of other awesome nail goodies. The triangle nail vinyls sell for $3.99 which gives you a LOT of vinyls.

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