November 9, 2015

Magpie Holographic Glitter Part II | Swatch & Review

Hi guys! On Friday I showed you my first part of Magpie Beauty holographic glitter and today I will be sharing with you the second part. Yay, exciting! I know! Today's post will feature the pink and purple holos, so if you are into that kind of stuff, then make sure to keep reading. *wink wink* You will be happy you did! Duh <3

Erin - Erin is a blush pink holographic glitter. So lovely, so holo, so wow. So 'I need this in my life'. Yes you do, don't fight it. Definitely one of my favourites! I layered it over Pink Gellac Blush Orange.

Lou-Lou - Lou-Lou is a hot pink holographic glitter. Oh, come to mama. Planning on going to a Barbie party? This is your best bet! I layered it over Pink Gellac Powerful Plum.

Mable - Mable is a deep purple holographic glitter. In my pictures it looks more blueish, but I think that is some kind of light reflection. The holo was too strong! The glitter looks almost exactly the same as the base colour. I layered it over Pink Gellac Bordeaux.

Violet - Violet is a light purple holographic glitter. The holo effect is there, but it's definitely more pronounced in real life. It's a bit washed out here, meh. I layered it over Pink Gellac Lavender Purple.

Livvi - Livvi is a purple pink holographic glitter. It's a bit more pink in real life and a bit less blue-toned. The pictures make it look like it is a full blown purple, but that's because of the base colour. I think. The base has a very pronounced blue shimmer, so I think my camera picked that up. I don't have any crème colour that matched up so.. Oh well, sorry! I layered it over Pink Gellac Violet Purple.

The holographic glitter sells for £3,95 for 10 grams, so you get a decent amount. When your order is over £30 and you are living in the UK, shipping is free.

Make sure to list your favourites in the comments! <3

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  1. Of course, besides the pink polish, I love your nail art design and colors in this post!! So festive!



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