November 6, 2015

Magpie Holographic Glitter Part I | Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Today I will be showing you the first part of my Magpie Beauty holographic glitters (aw, yes there will be a second part!). As I told you in my post about the Party Collection, you know I have been drooling over these glitters for so so long. And I am in love with them so I just had to swatch them and show them to you! If you are ready to OD on glitter, then make sure to hit the jump! <3

Lola - Lola is a silver holographic glitter. Even though the holo effect is very pronounced in real life, my camera failed to pick up any of its glory. Fail? Yeah, a bit. I layered it over Pink Gellac Satin Grey.

Emily - Emily is a very light lilac holographic glitter. The holo force is strong in this one, like very strong. And it shows in the pictures. I layered it over Pink Gellac Sky Blue.

Kiki - Kiki is a light blue holographic glitter. Again, failing to capture the holo. It's weird, it's like my camera is just deciding on its own when to capture the holo or not. I layered it over Purjoi Calm Water.

Jules - Jules is a yellow gold holographic. This was the only glitter that kind of piled up in some places. If you look closely at my pictures, you can see that in certain spots the glitters are a bit darker. Well, that are the mini glitter mountains right there. I layered it over Gelish Do I Look Buff?.

Arial - Arial is a turquoise holographic glitter. I love this glitter so much, but my camera is really bad at picking up green-toned blues so I had to tweak the pictures a bit in photoshop. I layered it over Pink Gellac Ocean Blue.

Pippa - Pippa is a steel, bronze and black holographic glitter. And layering over black was maybe not the best decision, because the bronze and steel particles really show up and it takes a bit away from its gorgeousness. This is the only holographic glitter that has larger parts in it. I layered it over Pink Gellac Beautiful Black. 

The holographic glitter sells for £3,95 for 10 grams, so you get a decent amount. When your order is over £30 and you are living in the UK, shipping is free.

Do you own any Magpie Beauty glitters? Are you planning on getting some?

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