November 11, 2015

Lady Queen 5 Piece Brush Set | Review

Hey guys! Just a short and sweet post today! Today I will be reviewing this brush set I received from Lady Queen. Lady Queen is an online shop which sells nail art, hair accessories etc. The brush set consists of five brushes; three smaller ones and two big ones. Please note that I have used the majority of these brushes to test them for my review so they might look a tiny bit meh.

I use the angled brush to clean up around my cuticles, and to try one stroke (I suck at one stroke.. :-D). Not sure how well it will last me if I keep using it with acetone though..
The small flat ones are ideal to apply gels, you can get a really precise application. I haven't really used the bigger brushes yet, because my nails are quite small and they are just too wide. I did try them out on a nail art wheel but just to lightly apply a colour.

The brush set sells for $4.25 and you get five pieces. Make sure to use my coupon code NNLC15 to get 10% off of your order.

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