March 10, 2012

Born Pretty order

A fortnight ago a placed my first order at Born Pretty Store. They got a lot of stuff and supercheap! And also, it's free shipping, worldwide!
So, I was super impatient for it to arrive, and then finally! Last Tuesday my mom texted my that my package had arrived! I was sooo happy and couldn't wait to get home from school.

Here's what I ordered:
  • Nail art brushes, 3 pc (here, $3.15)
  • Small nail art brushes, 4 pc (here, $3.51)
  • Dotting tools, 5 pc (here, $4.09)
  • Elliptic shape rhinestones (here, $2.92)
  • Round shape rhinestones (here, $3.33)
  • Nail lacquer thinner (here, $7.45)
  • Silver hexagon glitter (here, $2.38)
  • Foam nail art stand (here, $3.38)
  • Acrylic nail tips, 500 pc (here, $6.02)
  • 7-way nail file and buffer (here, $1.53)

For all this I had to pay, prrrrprrrrprrrrrr, € 29,04!

Nail art brushes
These three brushes are great for cleaning your nails and cuticles after you polished them. Ofcours, you can also use them for doing nail art on your nails.

Small nail art brushes
I absolutely LOVE these nail art brushes. First, I only had one, not really good, brush and now I have four! They're pretty amazing and they do an incredible job. Emily said these brushes are a must-buy, she's right!

Dotting tools

Ah, finally I got my own real dotting tools. Each tool has a different size of dot on one side, and on the other side they all got the same dot. Apart from dotting, you can also use them for picking up rhinestones, or drawing lines, so they come in handy very often.

Elliptic rhinestones
EEEEEEEEH rhinestones! :-)

Round rhinestones
EEEEEEEEH rhinestones! :-)²

Silver glitter

I'm so happy with this glitter. I thought it just was a silver glitter, but when I unwrapped it, I saw it has a bit of a holographic effect, which i like. You can use a dotting tool to pick up the glitters one by one and put them on your nails. But you can also just dip your finger in the jar. Hellloooooo disco nails! 

Foam nail art stand

First, I saw this nail art stand on Emily's blog. When I was at her place, I immediatly knew I needed this! You can stick an acrylic nail tip on top of it, so you can easely paint and decorate your tips!

My nails feel like soft like a baby's bottom, so thumbs up for this one!

In case you're wondering why there is no picture of the thinner, well it's just a bottle. Not really interesting to look at. BUT it does an amazing, incredible, fantastic job. It already saved some of my polishes, yay!

Have you ever ordered something at Born Pretty Store


  1. Great order ! I think I'm gonna get the nail art brushes, I'm not happy with those I got on Ebay :)
    I love BPS, I've never been deceived by the products I got!

  2. Yes, you should get them, they're great!


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