March 13, 2012

Only You Swatches

 About three weeks ago I submitted one of my nail designs in a nail art contest. And guess what! I won three polishes!

And here they are! As you see, they're Only You polishes. Only You is a new brand of nailpolish, sold at Ici Paris XL.
You can compare these polishes to Catrice's. It's more or less the same quality and they got exactly the same brush!

I won (from left to right) Geisha, Stormy Monday and Fabulous. And I swatched them for you:

First up is Geisha.

3 layers of Geisha
I used 3 layers of this milky, sheer pink polish. There's no full coverage possible, I guess. But you can use it as a base colour when you are doing a classic French.

Next is Stormy Monday.
2 layers of Stormy Monday
Stormy Monday is a grey polish, but it has tiny pink and purple glitters in it. So at first I was like: "Hmmhmm", but after the second layer I was like "Yay-YAY-YAAAY!"
P.S.: it's similar to chanel paradoxal! :-) only a tad greyer.

And last but definitly not least: here's Fabulous!
3 layers of Fabulous
This is the colour I got after a third layer of Fabulous. When I got the first layer on my nails, the colour was red! Just simple red. Something I didn't expect when I saw the bottle.

I really think this polish is fabulous, it's a classy colour and it has a shiny finish.
One thing, it's really hard to remove it, my fingertips were bright red and I didn't get it off, ahhhh.
But still, I love it, yay! 

Do you have any Only You polishes?

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