August 6, 2017

Pink Gellac The Cruise Collection | Nail Art

Hi guys! Just a quick and simple nail art today using 3 different gel polishes and a base colour. It's easy, quick and it looks quite fun. You can switch up the colours depending on the season. Or maybe you can add some random stripes of glitter, or a few small black dots if you want to switch it up. Want to know how to accomplish this look? Keep reading!

I started out with 2 coats of white gel polish, I used Pink Gellac Soft White as my base. Secondly, pick 3 colours that go well together and dab a drop of gel polish on a piece of paper/plastic. Using a brush, pick up a bit of gel polish and paint on a short stroke of gel. When you're done with the first colour, cure it in the lamp.

After that, repeat with the second and third colour. You can go back in if you want to add some more of a particular colour. The colours I used are Pink Gellac Wonderful Blue, Juicy Yellow and Bubblegum pink. Add a nice layer of top coat and you're done.

This nail art took me about 10 minutes to do all my nails. Easy peasy.

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