July 16, 2017

Pink Gellac Cruise Collection | Swatch & Review

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing the latest Pink Gellac gel polish collection: the Cruise Collection. The Cruise Collection is Pink Gellac's Summer collection. It consist of 7 gel polish colours, 2 blues, 1 purple, 3 pinks and a glitter. My first impression was kind of 'meh'. More blues, more pinks. It's getting a bit boring and it didn't reflect 'cruise' for me. BUT, when I actually swatched them on my nails, they grew on me. Most of the colours have a great formula and apply beautifully. As a collection, they pair up quite nicely, however I do miss a contrasting shade like a warm ochre yellow. That would look great with this cobalt blue I got going on in my header ;-). Just throwing it out there, hehe :-D.

216 Delicate Pink - Delicate Pink is a pink shimmer, that's just right. Not too muted, not too bright. It is brighter than 158, and it resembles Pepper Pink, but with a shimmer. Application-wise, this wasn't the best formula. It isn't super pigmented and there's slight shrinking at the tips. This is 4 coats, 3 might be enough.

217 Wonderful Blue - Wonderful Blue is a light blue with a very subtle shimmer. It is brighter than Cloudy Blue, which is more grey-ish and darker. The formula is good, it's nicely pigmented and it had a good consistency. This is 3 coats, but 2 might be enough.

218 Adorable Lila - Adorable Lila is a frosty lilac shade. It's lighter than Violet Purple and Galaxy Lila. Adorable Lila has a slight pink hint to it. This applies very smoothly, but you have to be a bit careful to avoid streaking, which is normal with frosts. This is 2 coats.

219 Twinkle Star - Twinkle star is a glitter topper with dark blue, purple and pink glitter. As with al glitters, there is dragging and you have to position the glitters a bit. I don't recall how many coats this is, but I'm guessing it's 2.

220 Pretty Pink - Pretty Pink is a bright pink, but not Ibiza Pink-bright. It's a nice Summer colour, but not very special in my opinion. The formula is a bit jelly-like, which means there is not a whole lot of pigmentation and that makes it harder to apply. You can see near my cuticles that it doesn't cover the nail as well as, for example, Wonderful Blue does, which is a crème. This is 3 coats.

221 Delighted Blue - Delighted Blue is a cobalt blue with a rich shimmer. It's brighter and richer than Cobalt Blue, and darker than Kings Blue. Application-wise, this gel polish was the best of the whole bunch. This is 2 thin coats.

222 Amazing Pink - Amazing Pink is a bright reddish pink with a blue-toned pink shimmer. It is similar to Passion Pink, but Amazing is brighter. This gel polish applied very smoothly and it has a good consistency. This is 2 coats.

What do you think? If you only want to buy 1, I recommend getting your hands on Delighted Blue. It's gorgeous, rich and flattering. A musthave!

What shade is your favourite?

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