February 10, 2016

Snake Skin Ssssstamping with Bundle Monster | Nail Art & Review

Bundle Monster snake skin stamping

Hey you! Today's post will be a short, but sweet one. A while ago, Bundle Monster sent me a ton of stuff to review. I already reviewed their new Duotone Chromatic Snake Charmer gel nail lacquers , you can find my swatches over here and here. But in this post I will be discussing a stamping plate I received, BM-XL08. It was my first time trying out the Bundle Monster stamping plates and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. I am not a pro at stamping, but when a plate works, it works, simple as that. Well, at least for me it is that simple. :-D

Bundle Monster snake skin stamping

The BM-XL08 plate consists of 12 images inspired by animals. From zebra over peacock and snake to giraffe. It has a variety of animal prints which will add something extra to every manicure. The image are of a good size, so you long-nailed gals will definitely love them! I find that the images picked up really well. I now notice that I missed a few spots but they are not very noticable in real life. 

Bundle Monster snake skin stamping

My stamping polish is from Born Pretty Store and it is a silver one, I will be reviewing the Born Pretty Store stamping polishes later on. It matches so well with my base colour, Bundle Monster Fangtastic (find swatches here). I stamped with the Born Pretty Store squishy, sticky stamper, the one looking like the Creative Shop stamper. ;-) And it stamps wonderfully. 

Bundle Monster snake skin stamping

My first impression of the Bundle Monster stamping plates is a very positive one. I am looking out to trying more of their stamping plates because I am really starting to love stamping. I was always a freehand kind of girl, but stamping can make it so much easier sometimes! And more detailed, haha. If you are looking into stamping, I definitely recommend these Bundle Monster stamping plates. They are really affordable, well-etched and simply beautiful. Plus Bundle Monster carries lots and lots of different themes and images, something for everyone! 

Bundle Monster XL stamping plates sell for $3.99 per piece, which is such a steal. And they ship worldwide!

Bundle Monster: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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