December 10, 2015

Fluffy Wrapping Paper | 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Hi guys! Today's prompt is 'Inspired by wrapping paper'. Well, I have to admit, I really didn't know what to do. I saw lots of gorgeous wrapping papers, but they weren't festive enough. And the festive ones were just too blah. So I took some ideas from a few different wrapping papers and I incorporated a few techniques I learned a while ago. And this is the result. Not too Christmassy, not too meh, and quite wearble. <3

I started out with a white base. To create the speckled effect, I used a special technique I learned thanks to Neiru. The only thing you need is a paper towel and your gel polish (or nail polish). You rip your paper towel and roll it up real tight. Yes, you rip it because you don't want the clean effect that cutting the paper would give you. Now that you have a little paper towel roll burrito, you dip it into your colour (I used Pink Gellac Beautiful Black, Sunshine Yellow and Satin Grey) and dab of the excess. The colour payoff should be really subtile. Dab dab dab, cure, dab another colour, cure. When you're happy with the result, seal it in with a nice layer of top coat and cleanse with alcohol.

That's your base done. Now we move on to the lines. First, buff your top layer, this will make it a bit rougher and easier to paint onto. Take a tiny bit of black polish on a square brush and work it into the brush. Draw you vertical or horizontal line, make sure it is really light and cure. If your line is to dark, take a tissue, peel of one layer and carefully dab it onto your line, this will make the line more faint. The thin lines are drawn with a regular liner brush (I used SmoothNails Silver Stiletto and Pink Gellac Beautiful Black). Top coat twice and cleanse. 

The last step is adding the pompoms! The pompoms are just little dots of a thicker base gel with flocking/velvet powder. Bnw, NO TOP COAT. This will cover up the fluffy effect, duh ;-). 

Looking for some more inspiration? Well, the other ladies participating in the challenge got you covered ;-). <3

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  1. I love the speckled effect and the little pom poms! It goes so well together. :)

  2. Beautiful manicure! I love its color combination and simplicity!

  3. So adorable and neat !!! This color combination is unusual yet captivating!!!

  4. I love the look of this! The colors and design are perfect!

  5. So cute and the adding flocking adds great dimension! <3


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