December 14, 2015

Abstract Candy Cane | 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Christmas Candy Cane nail art

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying my take on the Christmas challenge so far, I sure am! Today's prompt is Candy Canes. I did not want to stick with the usual candy cane pattern, so I made an abstract, more wearable version of the classic Christmas nail art. I was inspired by this manicure by Jin Soon Choi. It really caught my eye, because it looks so sleek and classy and I just had to recreate it. There are more pictures and details after the jump so make sure to check it out! <3

Christmas Candy Cane nail art

I started out with 2 coats of Pink Gellac Nude Beige. For the candy cane stripes I used Pink Gellac Lipstick Red and a striper brush. It's not hard to do, but I recommend using a veeeerry pigmented red so you won't need too much coats. Normally, Lipstick Red will be opaque in 2 coats.. However, the thing with nail art is you NEVER know how many times you will need to repeat the same step. And gel polish is self-levelling, so it won't stay put in one place. It will always bleed a tiny bit, which will cause the edges to look a bit faded. All in all, I think a did a good job and I really love the look of this Christmas nail art. 

Christmas Candy Cane nail art

I really love how this nail art turned out. It is wearable, but still perfect for Christmas. And you can always change up the colours, add some glitter, make thinner lines. Everything is possible!


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