May 16, 2015

Gosh Bubble Gum | Random Swatch Saturday

Gosh Bubble Gum swatch by @lovelifelacquer

Hey you! Well, well, this must be the week of the baby pinks! Today I will be showing you Bubble Gum by Gosh. I do not usually wear pink creams on their own. I tend to pair them up with another colour or use them in nail art and gradients. This is by the way, a great polish to do gradients with, just saying.. ;-)

Gosh Bubble Gum swatch by @lovelifelacquer

Bubble Gum is, what a surprise, a true bubble gum pink cream. The first coat applied a bit streaky, but after 3 coats it is flawless. I have been using this pink treasure for almost 3 years, I think and it is still one of my favourite pink creams ever.

Gosh Bubble Gum swatch by @lovelifelacquer

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