April 25, 2015

Kiko 389 | Random Swatch Saturday

It's Saturday whoohoo! That means: Random Swatch! Today I have a nice bright cream to show you: Kiko 389. Oh how I wish Kiko named it's polishes, numbers are boring. But this polish suuuuuure ain't boring, nope! This is one of my favourites to wear during Summer, like for real.

This polish has a beautiful consistency, is super easy to work with and in just 2 light coats, I was good to go. If you are looking for something nice and bright, this is your guy.

That's it for this week, guys. If you missed last week's RSS, you can check it out here. I will see you on Monday!

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  1. This polish!! It was my one major lemming for soooooo long! From the first time I saw it online, I have loved it. And, of course, Kiko was not available in the States. Finally, a dear person in France took pity on me and sent me a bottle. I find both the color and the formula amazing. I would wear this color all the time except that I have so many other polishes that need nail time also!

    1. Aaaaah I feel you! This is one of my favourite creams ever! It's the best colour for Summer! So happy you finally got a bottle yourself! ;-)

  2. I am picky with green nail polishes but I love that shade you used on your nails!

    Ursula, Blueridge Beauty


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