March 8, 2015

She Sells Seashells at the Seashore | Review & Nail Art

Hey ladies! It is a beautiful day today where I live, so what better than some colourful nails and seashell studs? This was such a happy manicure to wear. If you want to see more pictures, then please keep reading! <3

Ahhhh, just look at those little seashells. I love them so much! I know I could have done something more creative and artsy, but I promise I will have more exciting nail art coming up soon. Think pearls, stars.. YES!

So, seashell studs. I was kindly sent the 3mm gold ones by Born Pretty Store. They are also available in silver and in 5mm, however that is pretty big to fit on your nail. They cost $2.22 which gets you 20 pieces, a reasonable price I think! There is not much to say about these cute studs really. As any other stud, you can use top coat or nail glue to stick it onto the nail and you can pair it with whatever you like. Trust me, you got this! Whatever you will do, it will look stunning!

Products used for this manicure:

I hope you enjoyed this nail art and if you want your own seashell studs, than do not forget to use my Born Pretty Store coupon code: THL91. This coupon code will get you 10% off of your order!

Enjoy your Sunday, sweeties! <3


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