March 5, 2015

Glitter Effect Spray by Pink Gellac | Review

Haaaaaay guys! Today I will be reviewing these new Glitter Effect Sprays by Pink Gellac. The sweet people at Pink Gellac sent me two colours to show you: pink and gold. There is also a red and a holo silver one *drooling* (At this time, I think it is sold out :( ). Chickettes has a great review on all four colours.

Want to see how I paired up the gold glitter?  Then please keep reading. <3

First, I have to say that I used nail polish to test these sprays. If you use these glitter sprays with gel polish or gel, there are a lot more possibilities ánd you can wipe or wash the excess glitter of your fingers after you cured your nails. This is NOT the case with nail polish. Well you could try washing your hands after a fresh coat of polish, but no no recommend. :-D

Here I paired the pink glitter with Essie's Bond With Whomever. At least I think..

And of course, I sprayed the gold glitter over a mint base. Like, completely duh. I love gold and mint together! The base is Essence That's What I Mint!. So much love in one pictures, ahhh, Valentine's all over again.

 So, how do actually use this spray-y thing? Well, you just spray it onto wet nail or gel polish and ta-da all done. However there are some considerations you have to keep in mind. Like Chickettes, I recommend playing around with the glitter before you spraying it on your nails. A full pump = glitter madness, be aware of that. I wasn't ready for glitter madness, nope. :-D By the way, make sure you are working over a paper or a towel for easy clean-up.

What I love about these glitter sprays is that you do not have a thick layer of glitter sitting on your nails literally waiting to fall off. The glitter is nice and evenly distributed on the nail which makes it look just perfect.

In case you were wondering: the picture below shows how the little pump/nozzle looks like. Nothing special, huh? Wait until you spray a full blast of glitter. Haha.

Picture by Pink Gellac

The Glitter Effect Sprays are available on the website of Pink Gellac (€12.50) and Chickettes ($10.95).

Have you tried out one of these glitter sprays yet? What is your experience? How do apply your glitter? Let me know in the comments below! <3

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