March 19, 2015

Pink Gellac Effect in Pink Art | Swatch & Review

Hiiiii guys! Today I have a gorgeous glitter gel polish to show you. This is one is Pink Gellac Effect in Pink Art. It has B/W bar glitter, square glitter, small square glitter and soft pink hexes. If you want to see more, I got some other pictures after the jump! <3

This is my first ever glitter gel polish! I was super excited to see how it would look on my nails. Well, not disappointed. At all.

I applied 1 coat over Sky Blue, a gorgeous shade from the new Spring colours and let it cure for 60 seconds in my LED lamp.

As gel polish does not become tacky or dry on its own like nail polish does, you can move the glitter around until it looks perfect to you. Hey! Maybe you can put some of the Effect polish onto a piece of plastic and pick up the glitter one by one? That way you can create some really cool glitter patterns. I have to try that!

Effect in Pink Art is available through the Pink Gellac website and in the Chickettes Boutique. They sell for €17,95/$13,95. There is also a red and a blue version. I think a holographic or a bright purple glitter would look amazing too! What do you think?

I feel like I should layer this Pink Gellac glitter over another colour as well, but not sure what kind. Please let me know in the comments over what colour you would like to see this glitter layered! <3


*PR sample*


  1. I did my nails yesterday. I applied two layers of 118 Lavender Purple first. Then I applied two layers of Pink Gellac Effect Pink Art. Looks very nice too!

    1. I saw you posted them on my page, they look great! Really love the glitter topper!


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