December 19, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Ugly Sweater nails

Hi all! We are down to the last three manicures, it is going so faaaaast. So, today's prompt was ugly sweater nails. I had great plans for this one, GREAT plans. But it turned out.. not so great. But I spent too much time to paint this design and I really really really did not like painting it at all, so I did not bother to do something else. Well, I wanted to do again, but I was too frustrated. Woops. Anyway, if you would like to see some pictures, there is more after the jump!

Materials and polishes used for this manicure:
China Glaze - First Mate
Kiko - 236
White acrylic paint
Born Pretty Store - Striping brush
Born Pretty Store - Nail art brush
Born Pretty Store - Dotting tool

 I am sure the other participants did a great job so make sure to check them out below!


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