August 6, 2016

When life gives you lemons... | Nail Art

Hey guys! A few of you might have seen this nail art before, because I posted it a while ago on my Instagram. I did not have a lot of time to sit down and write a blogpost, but here I am, finally. I am so happy to be doing some freehand nail art again. Freehand nail art is and will always be my first true love. Brainstorming, creating, sharing it with you... And you know, when life gives you lemons.. You should actually punch it in the face and ask for glitter, as Nikkietutorials would say. ;-) For more pictures; keep reading! <3

I started out with Pink Gellac Soft White on my middle and ring finger and I put Bundle Monster L.E.D. Airwaves on my index finger and pinky. Then, I continued used L.E.D. Airwaves and a small brush to roughly sketch out a lemon-y figure. I lined this with a liner brush and Pink Gellac Beautiful Black. After that I used Bundle Monster Fairy Fantastic for the tiny leaves. I decided to add some lines on my index finger and pinky to pull the look together.


That is it for today!

Bundle Monster gel polishes sell for $6,50. Pink Gellac gel polishes sell for €14,95.

Bundle Monster: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


*PR sample*

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