March 12, 2016

Born Pretty Store Mermaid Glitter | Swatches & Review

Mermaid glitter

Hollaaaaa guys! 

A while ago I received a goooorgeous glitter from Born Pretty Store and I swatched it over a similar colour and I was like 'ok, this looks fine, but how does it look over white?' So, I painted my nails white, burnished the glitter and ta da, mermaid nails. And then I knew I had to put it over black because I was convinced it would make some magic. And it does!! IT DOES SO HARD!! It is a magical mermaid glitter which transforms completely depending on what colour you put beneath it. It is magic, I tell you. See for yourself! <3

Mermaid glitter

Here is the glitter burnished on over a white base. Which you can totally see for yourself, but you know, just in case. Gorgeous, pastel, glittery pink. Hmm. Yeah, cute. But...

Mermaid glitter

Mermaid glitter

THIS IS THE BOMB!! Over black the glitter shifts from a gorgeous deep blue to a bright green. It looks amazeballs. I die. 

Mermaid glitter

So prettyyyy, never going to take this off, ever. Just kidding, they are already gone, bye. 

The glitter sells for $2,95 and with my coupon code THL91 you can get 10% off of your order. I got glitter 024. 

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*PR sample*

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