November 16, 2015

My First Stamping Decal | Nail Art

Hey guys! Today I will be showing you the result of my first ever stamping decal, yay! Yeah, not so yay as it failed completely. I think I might need some more practice :-D. But hey, I tried! And it's probably because I did something wrong and not because of the stamper or the plate.

So, I started by stamping my favourite design from the Born Pretty Store BP-L010 stamping plate. When I got it to transfer nicely onto the stamper I started filling it in with OPI Is Mai-Tai Crooked, Go With The Lava Flow and Catrice Goldfinger. I applied a quick drying top coat and waited a few minutes. Then I peeled off the decal and placed it on my nail. So far so good you say? HA, nope. I didn't cut off the excess top coat so I was left with a plastic-y extra layer which was like SUPER visible. It's so bad, guys, so bad. Maybe more luck with bigger decals that cover your whole nail? Oh haha, that was my first try and it sucked. My god. I really need to amp up my stamping game because I want to order Christmas plates :-( and if I still suck at making decals then I will be so upset :-(.

Any tips on making GREAT stamping decals? Anyone? HALP.

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  1. Ik probeer altijd rondom de decal te knippen met een nagelschaartje. Zo dicht mogelijk, maar met dat het zo fragiel is 😊 is het bij mij ook wel al eens mislukt. Blijven proberen 👍


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