November 20, 2015

Into the Galaxy | Gel Nail Art

Hi guys! Today I will be showing you these pretty galaxy nails. I only used gel polishes to create this look. I wanted to do galaxies for a while now and I thought why not do them in gel polish? My sister fell in love with them and she has galaxies on all her nails right now :-D. If you want to know which polishes I used, then make sure to hit the jump! ;-) <3

I started out with 2 coats of Pink Gellac Velvet Purple as my base colour as the other colours I put on top of it are not quite opaque. Next I applied a bit of Pink Gellac Night Blue at my cuticle and tip, then a bit of Pink Gellac Intergalactic Purple and blended it into the Night Blue. Then I dabbed on a bit of Pink Gellac Clarity Turquoise, again blending it. And finally I applied Pink Gellac Violet Purple, but that doesn't show up quite well in my pictures. Blend harsh lines with Intergalactic Purple and let it cure. Draw some stars and planets using Pink Gellac Soft White, cure and you are done! You can also add some glitter if you want to. ;-)

I was so pleased with how they turned out! The pictures really doesn't to this manicure justice, it was so much prettier in real life!

Btw: I used a lot of Pink Gellac polishes just because I own a lot of them! :-D

You can get your own Pink Gellac polishes here.


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