October 21, 2015

La LaQ by Dimanchi | Wear Test

Hi guys! A few weeks ago I swatched and reviewed a few La Laq by Dimanchi gel polishes. I also said there would be a wear test executed by my mom. It took a bit longer than expected due to practical difficulties. Ok, it was my fault, I did something wrong. Normally, my mom does not need primer, but with La LaQ you have to use the primer on the tip of the nail so the gel polish can really stick to it. So we had to do the test again. But here we are! And if you are curious about how well La LaQ held up on my busy bee-mom's nails, then please keep reading! <3

After 0 days - Ta da! I just gave my mom some new nails, woohoo! She picked out La LaQ Hot Mama and to Fall-ify it I added Magpie Beauty Coco. I will have a review of the Magpie glitters up very soon.

After 6 days - My mom has been busy cleaning the whole house and she is definitely not holding back even though she had these pretties on her nails. She used bleach, vinegar... And it does show a bit on her nails. The shine has faded, but there are no chips yet!

After 14 days - My mon still has Spring fever in Fall... She worked in the garden, cleaned her car etc etc etc etc etc. Seriously. Now you can really see that her nails suffered from all this work. The shine has faded a bit more and there are a few cracks and little chips here and there. But overall they still look pretty good!

Overall, I am really impressed with how well they held up considering all the work my mom did :-D. This was like an extreme wear test. If I had done it, they would hold up much better, because I do not clean the house like a crazy person like my mom did. So when you keep that in mind, La Laq gel polish will probably stay on your nails for two or more weeks! 

La LaQ is available through the La LaQ site and the gel polish sells for €16,95 for 9 ml. Primer, top and base coat is €17,95. Starter packs range from €85 to €175.

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*PR sample*

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  1. Hahaha!! I love the honest nail review of this polish esp after 7 to 14 days!! I confess my hands start to look "rough" after Day 5 with daily chores and mommy life!!




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