May 9, 2015

Only You Electric Mint | Random Swatch Saturday

Only You Electric Mint swatch by @lovelifelacquer

Aloha guyyyyys! For today's Random Swatch Saturday I will be showing you Electric Mint by Only You. Yes, mint. I don't see mint either so don't worry. I am ashamed to tell you this, but I have never worn this polish before. It has been laying around for 2 years, I think, and never has it ever crossed my mind to wear it. And I regret is sooooooo much!

Only You Electric Mint swatch by @lovelifelacquer

First of all: this polish has a GREAT formula, like ridiculously good. For the pictures, I applied 3 coats, but 2 would me more than enough. As for the colour. I really love it. It is a duochrome which switches between green and teal.

Only You Electric Mint swatch by @lovelifelacquer

Only You nail polish is available at Ici Paris XL and sells for €4,99 for 10ml.

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